Could He Exist Here?

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I just realized…the Ponds make damn good lovers. 

I mean just look at Rory. It all starts with Rory. He is some hardcore boyfriend, he is. Amy, you are so damn lucky.

"Can’t do that, mam. Might forget what’s coming."

"But it could activate any second."

"It has activated, mam. (she can see his hands shaking) But I’m no use to you if I can’t remember. …You have to go now, mam. Now.”

(he closes his eyes as she turns away)


So yeah, River totally gets that part from her dad.

She stops time just to save the Doctor because she loves him, because if she touches him, he’ll die.

"I can’t let you die without knowing you are loved."

Ffffff Doktah you made some great hardcore romantic companions this time~~ I’m in love~~~ *A*