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Sorry, can’t hear you over the overwhelmingly Shenny subtext of this last episode. 



So I haven’t been on tumblr for ages (sorry followers btw)

but I came on tonight just to scream over the new BBT episode tonight

is it just me or

was this the best bbt episode we’ve had in a long time

way to come out of the rut that was last season, writers!

keep it up!

Tonight’s ep had me laughing till I was crying so many times.

This is the comedy I have been looking for.

And the storyline was perfect too. Great developments on every front.

And need I even mention the SHENNNNNNNNNNY.

When Penny kissed Sheldon, I was not expecting it….

but then I literally screamed in delight.



THANK YOU BBT AND KEEP IT UP, I’m praying that you guys got some new writers

who know what they’re doing now

because at least so far it seems like it

oh god the shenny 

i could kiss the whole world

Thoughts on L/P, S/A 



Okay time to finally spill my emotions all over tumblr. Don’t worry, it won’t be happening very often. If you’re a L/P or S/A fan and you can’t take criticism of your preferences, don’t read. Unless you want to discuss. Then go ahead, read the hell out of it. Be outraged.

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Write Me A Childlike Letter Pretending: A Look Into Sheldon and Penny's relationship, as well as Penny and Leonard's and Amy and Sheldon's 


Whenever I see Leonard and Penny together, I always hear Tokio Hotel’s ‘Automatic’ in my head. Now you may not like them, but hear me out. It’s more the line “There’s no real love in you” that truly sticks out for their “relationship”, if you want to call it that. It seems like everything they do…

This is beautiful. Beautiful writing, speaking the brilliant truth. <3

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shennyftw whispered, "when i read about 103, ill let u know. i am hoping its not too lenny. although i am sure lenny wont last... i hope that if S/P cant be together, at least S/A isnt int he end either, and i like them more than lenny but i prefer sheldon just being himself and not succumbing to that life... changing so much for her.... rather than being himself and being loved by some (penny) so just being alone and his world would be better for me. shenny forever though :D"

Thanks. :) I hope so too. XD;

You know what, that brings up such a good point. Shamy is something I never really supported or enjoyed (at first I really hated it, though Amy’s wormed her way a bit into my heart now), and I agree that if Shenny won’t happen, then at least Shamy must end too. Because we either have Sheldon: 1. learn how to be really in love, and love someone who is completely different from him (ie. Penny, who unlike Amy, is not another smart, science-y person that is also very socially awkward) and altogether growing up and becoming a better, more rounded person, or 2. we have him remain free and “uncorrupted” forever. We have him stay single in the end, finding that he doesn’t really need a relationship with anyone because he never did before (and meanwhile Amy leaves him for someone else because let’s face it, she wants more than he can give at the moment and I’m sure she’ll ultimately get exasperated). We’ll have Sheldon stay the way he always intended himself to be, estranged from the actions of “common” people, because he’s different from all the other boys and in a way, better. He either learns to appreciate love, or he stays the unique, “different” one out of the group (which he always is, anyhow) through needing nothing but his booksmarts. Being a genius at physics will then always remain his one true passion, and he’ll just stay in this comfort zone and take pride in that, while sniffing at everyone else for giving in to needing “common” affectations. 

Like you say, his world would be better that way than if he were to live forever with Amy. Sheldon Cooper’s life would stay balanced and unchanged; not interesting or better, but at least comfortable and acceptable. Which is probably all he asks for, anyways.

Whereas if Sheldon had to live with Amy, or even marry her (God forbid) I think he’d be miserable for the rest of his life.

Shamy is like Lenny in that it lacks chemistry and potential. When Sheldon and Amy are together, they simply write out agreements, say things in very logical and literal ways, and try to maintain the friendship alive. Sheldon has never forced Penny into signing ANY agreement, despite the fact that he has known her far longer than Amy now. And knowing Sheldon, he nearly makes everyone sign contracts as long he knows he’s going to have to spend a lot of time around them. But never Penny. And Sheldon doesn’t tell Amy his woes, or banter with her the way he does with Penny; unbeknownst to either of them, Penny and Sheldon have actually established a very natural, normal friendship, while with Amy Sheldon always just analyzes something scientifically over (and they don’t do much else).

Sheldon and Penny have long conversations at times; he and Amy do not. And even though he’s been rude to Penny sometimes when she speaks, it’s not the way he’s rude to Amy. He’s always threatening to shut Skype in Amy’s face, and he doesn’t even respond to Amy when she’s telling him good news during their dinner “date”, but on the other hand, Sheldon has listened to many little random stories Penny tells him (regardless of his smartass remarks at the end) and even responds to them almost every time. He tries to be helpful with her, and even figured out to buy bath products for her on his own.

Most importantly, Sheldon seems fine with having Penny touch him. Despite his dislike of unnecessary contact, he trusts Penny to handle his food, and has willingly given her hugs a couple times now.  He touches her shoulders and arms and even asks her to rub his chest when he’s sick. He never objects whenever she touches him, not ever. Like I’ve said before, they are very close and easygoing with each other, even though neither of them have actually been able to realize that fact.

On the other hand, with Amy, when she’s asking for a “cuddle” or a hug, Sheldon breathes, “hoo boy,” and looks like he’s bracing himself for a colonoscopy. 

They just are not close at all, which is why I can’t feel the warmth and the affection between them, and which is why I don’t think it should be a couple that lasts till the end. For a man like Sheldon Cooper, it takes time for someone (especially a girl) to really worm her way into his life and his heart, because he almost never even tries to give them the chance to. Penny has done this now, and no other girl has gotten as integrated into his life (it’s all there subconsciously, he just has to SEE this himself) and I think it would be a real shame if nothing is ever acted upon this fact. It would be a total waste, in fact.

Perhaps with time, Amy could also become a part of his “daily routine”, but she has yet to make Sheldon laugh and smile the way Penny does. Penny’s one of his closest friends, and they understand each other - I just wish they’d both see that themselves.

oops i got carried away

Don’t know why you feel you gotta go somewhere

Have you ever thought about just staying here
If you’ll let me, I can give you, don’t you know
Every reason not to go.

This is such a cute song.

And since I came upon it by reading this Shenny fic: which, by the way, is an adorable and lovely piece of work, I can’t listen to this song anymore without thinking of the story/imagining Shenny. You’ll see what I mean. If you read this fic and then listen to the song, this song will suddenly become THE Shenny song. XD

It’s a good association, so I dont mind.

Fic is called The Relocation Reasonings, try it! The author makes Shenny wonderfully plausible and sweet, and also analyzes Sheldon well (which I always appreciate). It’s inspiring me to write a Shenny fic myself, in fact…. /sighs and wishes she had more free time :X

Would anyone read it if I wrote a Shenny fic, anyhow? Just wondering.

A look at why 5x13 disproved Lenny, disproved itself, and gives rise to great possibility for Shenny. 

So, first thing’s first: what was just lame with tonight’s episode. I’m feeling irritated, so forgive me if my tone comes across as needlessly cross.

So great job, writers! You succeeded in making your own canon ship look retarded! At least you coulda tried to sell it to me if you were gonna make the whole episode about it, but nope! Didn’t even try, didja?

But simultaneously, I have to thank the writers for their failed Lenny, because it just solidifies the reasons why they will never be meant for each other in the end.

  But instead he sleeps with other people quite easily and the reason for this is because, in the end, all that mattered was the sex. Highly unhealthy relationship, really. This is also why he DOES decide to ask her out to dinner after his 20-min long imagination (even though that very imagination already told him everything would fail) - because the imagination ALSO told him he would at least get sex once, maybe even two times, and that’s enough to steel him to ask her to a doomed dinner (because hey, the sex makes it all worth it in the end, doesn’t it?)

DEER LORD WHAT A GROSS RELATIONSHIP. I’m sorry, but just think about it. Where is the respect Penny should have?! Where is the real love?! Where is the moral “sex is not everything”?!

….So all in all, I just want to laugh. Everyone was freaking out over omgyes-this-episode-will-be-so-full-of-Lenny! or ohNO-this-episode-is-ALL-Lenny! when actually, it was neither. Writers, if you trolled us intentionally, then good for you.

Because actually this episode, which was supposed to define the future for the characters, shot the Lenny ship in the foot. They’re just a couple that has sex, angry sex, lonely sex, I-just-want-sex sex. Nothing else. There is no love, no chemistry, no spark. I’m sorry Lenny, but you really are a sinking ship.

And despite the fact that this episode irritated me for its unecessary pointlessness, and also made everything confusing (so I thought you wanted Lenny but now you’re kinda killing it?!) it makes me hopeful and happy too. Because the way I see it, the next episode (and everything after) can go in only two ways. One is the Lenny way (if you just must insist on it) - where Leonard and Penny go on the date and actually, contrary to all of Leonard’s premonitions, things go splendidly and Penny realizes she’s ready to love Leonard back. From there things can only continue to go Lennily - and hopefully they really do fall in love in the end (in the genuine sense), for as much as I would abhor this path, if Lenny must BE then this is the only way it should be.

However, there’s the much more appealing path of, yes, Shenny. It’s how I’d wrap up this series, in any case. All along Sheldon and Penny have had far more chemistry together (even when they stand together they just look fuggin’ cute) and when you think about it, that’s what a good story is made of. It’s what BBT is made of. It’s about how a street-smart girl comes into a group of book-smart boys, and they all grow together, bouncing off each other and learning from one another what they lack. It’s about opposites attracting, and about extreme parallels being the perfect halves of a circle.

Where Sheldon lacks, Penny more than makes up for, and vice versa. Leonard is bordering normalcy, to be honest, and he simply doesn’t need Penny (except for wild sex omg!) unlike how Sheldon could use her as a friend, a sister, a “mother”;  a barkeep who will listen to his woes, a caring girl who will sing Soft Kitty and keep him company when he’s sad, lonely, or sick, a friend who will take care of him because he’s “special” and needs a kind of attention that only Penny seems to know how to give (aside from his mom ofc). She’s got a kind heart, she always cares about him in the end (no matter how much he irritates her) and she’s actually there for him far more than “best friend” Leonard ever is.

I mean, as everyone knows, there’s more than enough reasons why they should be together. There’s the superficial, where they look far cuter together than Leonard and Penny, but there’s also the meaningful, where they have dynamics and great reactions to each other and don’t just view each other as sex objects. In fact, in that field, Sheldon would treat her with the most respect out of any man she’s ever known, I’m sure, and she really could use that. He wouldn’t be chasing her because he wants “coitus”, he’d be chasing her because he is actually capable of feeling love (deep down in that robot heart). Out of all 4 boys, he’s actually the most genuine, honest, and caring, and while his rude and accidentally-insulting snarky replies often make him seem like a jerk, he never means any of it. He hardly ever knows they hurt, in fact - it’s all a part of his innocence. When his friends really need it, he helps them as best he can (despite his reluctance of human touch and his lack of knowledge on the act of comforting) and every mistake he makes is actually through the notion of goodwill (he just tries to be helpful, but sucks at it). He never judges a girl for how much pleasure she can give him. He sucks at actually being mean intentionally, he can’t lie for his life, and despite his constant ribbing at Penny’s CC-education, he actually does respect her. He holds “high hopes” for her, he’s always willing to converse with her and teach her things, and most importantly, he trusts her enough to tell her things he doesn’t tell any of the guys. Likewise, she’s always coming to him for advice and just someone to vent to. They’re very comfortable with each other, used to each other, able to deal with each other - they actually have the healthiest, most normal “friend” relationship of them all. They have chemistry.

So in the end, what I think will happen is Shenny. Maybe the writers are gonna leave it off till the very last minute of the very last episode, but it will happen. Maybe it will be something small, like finally seeing Penny lean over to give Sheldon a kiss on the cheek (head canon also includes him finally getting the Nobel Prize) and saying, “Hey beautiful mind, want to go out for a celebration?” And Sheldon replying, “Now Penny, I’m the one who got the Prize and not you….but yes, I’d like that.” It would be something cute, funny, and conclusive all at the same time, that tells us that Penny and Sheldon are now together in the end, and Leonard is with Amy (or w/e), Howard and Bernadette are married, and Raj finally has someone too. We might be tortured with ambiguity until the very last moment, and teased evilly with Lenny scenes, but that ending itself will be enough to make a 7-season long (or however long it will be) show the perfect story. For even if it’s something as small and short as a kiss on the cheek, it will be enough to warm the heart of every shipper out there (and not just of Shenny), I’m sure.

(And if I am proven wrong, I will jump off the Golden Gate and die, because life will not be worth living).

You see, Penny has changed Sheldon and he her, and together they have both grown, become better adults, and will come to understand love the day she finds that she can have a really nice, decent, smart man who isn’t “easy” at all, while he finds that he actually is capable of, and wants love, just like everyone else. In fact, they’ve been turning themselves into perfect material for each other all along. Sheldon has taught her things for Leonard, to lessen up the “dumb” a bit, and Sheldon has taught her to just go for it and see if things can actually work out in ways she wouldn’t expect (Schrodinger’s!). On the other hand Penny has taught him how to treat Amy right, how he should listen to her, apologize, what the right kind of gift to get is, etc. Penny’s taught him how to be more “normal” a bit, or at least widened his understanding of social conventions, and he has also made her more of a “geek” and “nerd”. 

In fact, Shamy is just a stepping stone, in my view. I’m sorry to say this, but I think Shamy just has to happen to actually open up Sheldon’s possibilities with love, and also make him more ready for Penny. (Sorry Amy!)

And for those of you who argue that Sheldon is going to be forever incapable of love, I think that’s bullcrap. The writers have given enough proof on that front already, and I dont mean with Amy. Sheldon is always acting like he’s perfect and insusceptible to the “common man’s” feelings, but actually he can feel jealous, betrayed, hurt, angry, sad, lonely - everything. It’s shown on many occasions now. Likewise, he will also be capable of love - it just has to be unlocked and he has to stop telling himself that he can surpress it. As Penny said to him, “You know people think you are this weird robot man who’s so annoying all the time and you totally are. But then it’s like that movie Wall-E at the end. You’re so full of love and you can save a plant and get fat people out of their floaty chairs.”

I think that this is the true outline of the story, revealed all the way back in season 3. Writers, if everything you have hinted at, leaked, suggested, and foreshadowed really will ultimately come true and result in a wonderful, sweet, meaningful ending, then I will applaud you eternally. You will have done a wonderful story and BBT will be legendary.

(…And you really have to, because the Lenny ship’s been burning for a while now, and it’s time to find a new ship to sail and re-energize this show back to what it’s really about. Let’s make the characters happy and let’s give em what they deserve; no more tears, no more shouts.)

Sorry for the long ass rambling, guys. You can see how passionate I am about this cant you, LOL.

my heart just cries for shenny. 

It cries so hard with every episode that comes out each week now. I bleed for Shenny.

PLEASE, WRITERS, PLEASE. Get your shit together. I dont even know what was with the episode tonight - it went nowhere. Not even for Lenny (and that’s just kinda sad when your “canon” couple doesn’t even go anywhere). I expected a hilarious plot-filled episode worthy of this show, complete with a bazinga! But what did I get instead? Diddly-squat. At the end of the episode I was just like, what?! That….but that went nowhere at all! It was all just a dream?! Leonard imagines getting back with Penny and even in the imagination they can’t get along? So like….you just admitted Lenny is a fail and…you spent a whole episode telling us that?! GEE AWESOME!

I mean, gosh! I wanted laughter and fireworks for a 100th episode celebration! Instead this was probably the first episode I had to FORCE myself to sit through. Now that’s saying something.

I normally love every episode, and in the past I’ve watched nonstop marathons of all the seasons….but gosh. Something’s just kinda falling apart now. I felt it when Amy first appeared - but then I was like, ok, I still have faith. And she’s not as bad as Lenny. But now…with this lame episode… Well, to quote Dr. Sheldon Cooper, “Oh god.”

Be careful, writers - let BBT go out with the “bang” it deserves. PLEASE, PLEASE don’t be one of those shows that are amazing all the way….and then suddenly peter out at the end. I will die if that happens, because I just love BBT too much! It deserves to be awesome forever, as long as it lasts.



Amen  We have at least 2 years of the show to go folks.. so anything is possible

Yeah I need to stay calm after having read the 100th tapping. I’m so so pissed right now that it’s hard to calm myself…. Really writers? Really? è_____é



Amen We have at least 2 years of the show to go folks.. so anything is possible

Yeah I need to stay calm after having read the 100th tapping. I’m so so pissed right now that it’s hard to calm myself…. Really writers? Really? è_____é

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top 10 sheldon/penny episodes | the excelsior acquisition

“The only reason I was driving your car was because you were in distress, and I was rescuing you!”
“Yes, and look, now you have a photo to remember that heroic day!”

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