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I just realized…the Ponds make damn good lovers. 

I mean just look at Rory. It all starts with Rory. He is some hardcore boyfriend, he is. Amy, you are so damn lucky.

"Can’t do that, mam. Might forget what’s coming."

"But it could activate any second."

"It has activated, mam. (she can see his hands shaking) But I’m no use to you if I can’t remember. …You have to go now, mam. Now.”

(he closes his eyes as she turns away)


So yeah, River totally gets that part from her dad.

She stops time just to save the Doctor because she loves him, because if she touches him, he’ll die.

"I can’t let you die without knowing you are loved."

Ffffff Doktah you made some great hardcore romantic companions this time~~ I’m in love~~~ *A* 

And this is why I love my dash. It’s so funny, and I just love it because I FEEL THE SAME WAY LIKE EVERYONE ELSE IS FEELING. <3

And this is why I love my dash. It’s so funny, and I just love it because I FEEL THE SAME WAY LIKE EVERYONE ELSE IS FEELING. <3


I dont know I dont know. So like, it actually wasn’t as bad as I thought it’d be. I thought it would be too rushed, and I was freaking out that Rory would die for good LOL (and when he was getting electrified I was like shitshitshit noooo…but then Amy came back for him and OH MY GOD HOW I LOVED THAT WHOLE PART) but yea anyways. It wasn’t actually too bad. It got me really excited and I was bouncing around in my seat the whole time totally hyped up. It was good, had super nice Amy/Rory bits, MENTIONED ROSE TYLER, in fact made all kinds of yummy lummy references, and even made me like River more (and tbh, I’ve always been a bit iffy about her - she was ok but never a favorite). The fact that she stopped time just to save him was sweet. <3 Also, the “wedding” wasn’t too bad - like everyone says, you can see River loves the Doctor, but the Doctor…just ends up trusting her. He’s not in love with her the way he was with Rose, but he does trust this “hell in heels”. And that’s nice. It works for me.

Also, the way Amy killed Madam Kovarian? Sweet. And also, the Silence made good “exciting” moments, and the computer graphics/special effects in this weren’t too shabby! I’m also glad, to be honest, that this wasn’t a finale that contained too much Dalek/Cybermen (which imo got a little old), and had a new monster problem instead.

Now that I’ve summed up the good parts about it, I do have some… things I need to question, things I feel incomplete about. First off, what IS the damn stupid question?

Is it “Doctor Who?” If so, that’s kinda lame lol. Iono. I spose it works, but at the same time, ehh…. Is it because, in the end, no one still knows his name? But….why would that mean…Silence would fall, whether it meant Kovarian’s cult or the Doctor himself? What does his name have to do with anything?? Is it simply because he’s the “oldest thing in the universe”? No offense, but….what about Face of Boe? (The more I think about this, the more confused I’ll get.)

Then again, it seemed at the beginning that BECAUSE Dorian tells the Doctor the question, it is why he has to die now….at first he could have gotten away, but as the saying goes, curiosity killed the cat. Still…halfway through the episode that idea seemed to get lost, so iono again.

And finally, I liked that he doesn’t really tell her his name, so nobody knows still. But then I think, wait…doesn’t she whisper his name to David Tennant in Silence in the Library? If she does, then….what??? How does she know?? That would be another thing that doesn’t make sense, another question unanswered. Still, I could be remembering that wrong.

We also still don’t know what the Doctor saw in his room in God Complex. I thought it might be significant for the finale, but…guess not :(((

Also, the ending to this epsiode seemed just a tad sudden, and not…touching enough a note to be something you end on. Finales (especially if you are leaving us until 2012 fall) should have something a little more…heartwarming, or heartbreaking. But the whole episode was on such a roller coaster that the ending just suddenly felt like I screeched to a halt. I was left there watching the credits roll thinking, “But that’s it???”

True, he’s said his goodbyes to Amy, Rory, Craig and everyone in the last two episodes already. And they were touching and sad. And they probably did that to give this finale all the time it needed. Buuuut….ugh! I wish we could have had some goodbyes here, something to slow us down before we had to stop. This was just too sudden and I feel robbed somehow of DW time! QQ

Furthermore, in this case…..when he says goodbye to Amy and Rory in God Complex, it really is the last time they meet. ;~; At first I was seeing the teasers for this finale thinking YES they meet with him again!! But actually it’s just all another universe and also just all…..during Utah time. :( That time when Doctor sees Amy and Rory in the mall, it really is the end. When you realize he had a chance to say hi to them there, and didn’t, and probably never will again….you FEEL SO FUCKING SAD

Lastly, I can’t help but think that this WHOLE episode, and all the crazy time gone wrong stuff, could have been avoided if the Doctor just told River at Silencio that hi! I’m Teselecta! Kill me it’s ok I’ll still be fine! Then she would never have frozen time for him (and I still don’t get how she did that, either, nor how she stopped the suit) and…everything would have been averted and stuff. Lol. It was like, Doctor, you coulda saved yourself a lot of trouble if you told her then instead of on the top of the pyramid what you had done. So why didn’t you?? And whatchu get all disappointed in her for? You’re the one that didn’t tell her your whole plan initially ):<

Also, if the other timeline ended up not happening because time begins to start again, then…does that mean Madame Kovarian is still alive somewhere out there?? Ew no, please tell me she’s somehow dead permanently UGH. Same with the Silence. DOUBLE UGH

And also….does this mean the Doctor is now officially 1100+ years old?? Christ. And using the Teselecta to escape death….seemed slightly like a cheap shot to me, but whatever. It works I guess. I just wish something more epic was done (I was actually all for River somehow dying but saving his life with her death, but I guess she has to die in Silence in the Library so MEH OK MOFFAT)


So….sigh. I DONT KNOW. It was good, but not perfect. It could have been a little more solid in clarifying everything. Sure, it answered a lot of stuff. Everything was clicking into place. But then, at the end, you still feel like….WAIT - WHAT ABOUT…THIS AND THAT…WAIT

I guess that’s why the reviews said, “It raises new questions.” FFFFF! How am I supposed to wait until next year for Series 7?? WHAT AM I GONNA DO FOR A YEAR AND THERE WILL BE NO MORE AMY AND RORY I AM GOING TO BE SO SAD.

I doubt Xmas Special will really answer too many questions, because usually those are a bit disconnected to the main plot :(

And is it too much to hope that Amy and Rory will be in the Xmas special? And that…I will get more proper farewells to soothe my aching heart in that one too? Doubt it, somehow…

I suppose that’s all I had to say. As a whole, I did like it, it was satisfying just till the very end when I was like Rory/amy COME BACK :( So I’ll just end it with….how hot was Rory when he was sacrificing himself for Amy and Co. again?? BAH I LOVE HIS CHARACTER SO MUCH NOW. THAT SCENE WAS THE BEST THING IN THIS WHOLE EP LOL. And also the Rose Tyler mention. Doctor, your heart stays true~~~ <3