Could He Exist Here?

Another day, another breath, another dream, another heartbeat.

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Just once more for tonight.

You know what I need to do.

I need to freeze frame this on a good still, print it out, and fly to the next premiere or con or w/e event that will have RDJ and Jude showing up together. And then I’m gonna go right up to them and show this to them and be like “hi remember this time when you guys kissed?!?!?! REMEMBER IT??! PLEASE SIGN IT FOR ME PLEASE *strangled noise*”

And then RDJ will raise his eyebrows and chuckle and say “Hmm, I remember this” and sign it for me and Jude will stand by looking like “oh no Rob look at what our gayness has created now the Internet will never forget” and laugh embarrassedly but also like he’s enjoying it and then sign it too

And I will spontaneously combust on the spot

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