Could He Exist Here?

Another day, another breath, another dream, another heartbeat.

My name's Alice. 21. Californian. Here's a place for all the random things that cross my mind, for my art, writings and thoughts, and a place for you to come dream with me.

Currently majorly obsessing about: Doctor Who, Rosex10, David Tennant, Arthur Darvill, AmyxRory, 11. Hunger Games. Harry Potter. Pushing Daisies. Big Bang Theory. Jim Parsons. SheldonxPenny. Hurts. Theo Hutchcraft. ArthurxAriadne. Inception. Alice in Wonderland. Tim Burton/Johnny Depp things. Tangled. Legend of Zelda. Once Upon a Time. Tom Hiddleston. RDJude. Sherlock Holmes/John Watson. Joseph Gordon Levitt. Zooey Deschanel. New Girl. Elementary. Downton Abbey. Lana Del Rey. Pretty boys and men in general. My little doggggg. Pretty things. Funny things. YUMMY THINGS. Lord of the Rings. Did I mention Doctor Who?

** Pretty much none of the gifs/photos here are ever mine, unless I explicitly say it is. :)

I like to subtly flash my fandoms in front of people irl all the time. 

I’ll be sitting in a classroom and then I’ll suddenly either

Like, I won’t tell you flat out to your face if I know you irl what I fangirl obsessively about (unless you really beg for it and ask me) and I would die of embarrassment if people irl actually found my blog and read everything I put up (imagine if my parents read my blog…cue dropped teacup smash). I’m not THAT bold. But I WILL try to make people see things they don’t normally see in their own boring fandom-less lives, just to try to enlighten that poor half of our demographic that never even knew that things like my OTP EXIST. T_T And then I can proudly say afterwards, if people go home and google “RDJude kissing” out of simple curiosity inspired by looking at my wallpaper and wondering “Was RD and Jude kissing?!”, that it was -I- who caused it.

And if people just look at my wallpaper and it only confirms their beliefs that I’m a straaaange, strange little girl, well then. That’s their loss. I did try to show you a marvelous world. IT IS NOT MY FAULT YOU CANNOT SEE THE BEAUTY IN RDJUDE. And I shall forever remain the classroom queer.