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“I’m sorry, my love”

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May I take your cases?

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Happy crying.

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Is it Fairyland?

Fairyland?! Oh grow up Lily! Fairyland looks completely different. 

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WOW. The Doctor, The Widow and the Wardrobe 


What a perfect special. To be honest, I had low expectations because well….Season 6 finale wasn’t the besssst, for instance…but agh. I think Moffat has a specialty for scary things AND Xmas Specials. I think he’s good with short stories in general, things that get wrapped up/resolved in one episode. Not that good with season-long storylines though….not bad, but not great either.

But that’s not the point here. What I wanted to say was this thing totally touched me!! T_T Made me shed a tear with the Doctor at the end!! It was so sweeeeet and touching <3 And ah, I was just dying at the ending. Esp. the Rory/Amy bit was perfect, just what I wanted. 

I really do like it. They twisted everything around perfectly and resolved it wonderfully (unlike the way the Doctor avoided his death in the finale…cough) and drew all these parallels….I had a field day babbling about every parallel/connection/play on things they did as I watched. The whole star thing and the whole followed me home thing and at the end, the whole happy crying/ humany wumany thing… oh you couldn’t get any cuter with things, could you,  Moffat? Your last Xmas special and this one were all very cute, and you do make good little love stories, I think. You do.

And it’s like the Doctor finally realizes he kinda does have a family now….for the first time in a very, very long time….not just love (like with Rose) but a whole FAMILY. He’s so moved by this realization at the end that he stands there for moments just trying to take it in and then realizes he’s feeling this human emotion of being at home and being reunited and being loved and being moved too…and it made him shed a tear. I was like AGH DOCTOR YOU’RE SO PERFECT T______T

This thing has also really put me in the Xmas spirit. Even though it’s like, a day late now. OH WELL!

<3 Lovely thing to watch at the end of a lovely day. :) Who’d have thought I’d have such a spontaneously wonderful Christmas? Flowers of War in a little independent theater (new experience!) delicious Ghiradelli sundaes and a scrumptious (albeit very expensive) dinner at Boudin. Ahhh…

These past few days have been great, and I think they’ll only get better!