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Just watched The Big Year. 

To be honest I only watched it cuz I wanted to see Jim Parsons.

And I was so disappointed when I realized he only had like, 15 seconds of screen time total. IT’S NOT FAIR.

Jeez, movie sure knew how to lure in viewers by telling us Parsons would be in it….and then he barely even shows up. I FEEL TRICKED ಠ_ಠ 

That being said, it actually was a pretty cute movie. Very feel-good, complete with a moral and cute birds and bird facts. I was kinda surprised, again, because I assumed it would be some big crazy comedy (due to the three main actors involved) but instead it was very…not comedy, almost. o_o And Owen Wilson’s character made me almost cry. UWAH.

Oh well. Jim Parsons, I’m still waiting for you to play some awesome big role in a Hollywood movie. YOU DESERVE IT.