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All I need to say is…. Sheldon had an orgasm. And said “I love you too” to Penny while he was still recovering from it, as if he had just had sex with her and was making a confession of love from heady happiness. 

'Nuff said.

Sorry, can’t hear you over the overwhelmingly Shenny subtext of this last episode. 



Can I just say that Sheldon Cooper 

looked ridiculously hot in his Star Trek cosplay. Like fucking desert hot. Like reeking of  Loki-look-alike hot. 

Am I the only one who thought this???
Please tell me I’m not the only one that thought this.


For shame. Look at his bangable face and body.


what did I tell you guys

New writers for bbt

making it funnier and more risque than ever before.

Thank god, because I really didn’t like season 5 tbh :(

but now these writers have Sheldon being kissed by Penny, Amy showing Sheldon her bikini wax and even SHELDON NAKED IN A CAR. These new writers have a Sheldon fetish cuz they’re writing the script exactly the way I would if I was employed as a BBT writer!

Gotta love all the Sheldony goodness this season. 

I think they’ve hired a new scriptwriter and had no idea they were a Shenny shipper. 

Cuz can I just say how much I am loving this current season

It’s so funny again and then that game night episode oh god

it was like a dream come true

and today’s episode

Leonard and Penny fight hardcore

And Sheldon enjoys it

I think there’s a new Shenny writer hidden in the midst of the current show writers

I’m rooting for them

I’m rooting so hard

It’s not too much to imagine right?



And let’s not forget Sheldon saying (about Amy), “I need to cut her loose.”


So I haven’t been on tumblr for ages (sorry followers btw)

but I came on tonight just to scream over the new BBT episode tonight

is it just me or

was this the best bbt episode we’ve had in a long time

way to come out of the rut that was last season, writers!

keep it up!

Tonight’s ep had me laughing till I was crying so many times.

This is the comedy I have been looking for.

And the storyline was perfect too. Great developments on every front.

And need I even mention the SHENNNNNNNNNNY.

When Penny kissed Sheldon, I was not expecting it….

but then I literally screamed in delight.



THANK YOU BBT AND KEEP IT UP, I’m praying that you guys got some new writers

who know what they’re doing now

because at least so far it seems like it

oh god the shenny 

i could kiss the whole world


I’m reading the Shenny tag and I’m just like

I dont even know if I should watch this ep. I haven’t seen last week’s either - these days I force myself to watch eps, which I do because I feel a duty to not give up on the show I’ve already seen for 5 seasons (or maybe I’m just masochistic), but in any case that just goes to show how dead the writing for this show has become. It doesn’t INTEREST ME LATELY. A SHOW SHOULD INTEREST PEOPLE. FIX IT FOR SEASON 6 PLEASE. /telepathically messages this to the dumb scriptwriters/

You see, what I don’t get is the show’s been told COUNTLESS times with every interview, talk show appearance, etc. it makes that one of the things that really makes BBT click is Sheldon and Penny’s relationship. And I’m not even talking about Shenny now, but simply the bickering-but-good-friends relationship they have (or used to have). What was that one quote, about how they’re like the classic perfect comedy couple - at odds and yet complete together somehow? Whatever, you guys know what I’m talking about. That was the dynamic that gave this show life, gave it a spark and some great spunk. It was fun watching those two together, bantering and pissing each other off and yet remaining loyal to one another. That’s what I used to love about this show. Penny has no dynamic with Leonard; they’re as normal and dry as sandpaper.

The thing is, clearly even the media saw this, and highlighted this out for the show. So why can’t the scriptwriters get this into their thick heads, or remember that THIS was the real relationship to focus on? I’m not even asking for romance! (It has to be one step at a time, for slow writers like you, I know!) But at least try to salvage your floundering show by giving the audiences something to actually care about, to actually feel really amused by. Give me back the old times Penny would spend an entire episode with Sheldon, and they would insult each other like siblings but then sing Soft Kitty to one another before they sleep. I miss that so much. That’s what made BBT shine; these days my bathroom doorknob is shinier. 

Damn I don’t know where BBT is getting these dumb writers from. And why they’re also so stubborn. Only good thing these days is Howard/Bernadette…..who knew I’d end up hanging onto this ship to feel like there’s still something to enjoy in every episode.

Also all the random haters have really got to find something better to do than trolling the Shenny tag. I suggest getting a life; it does help release some of that pent-up anger.

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Thoughts on L/P, S/A 



Okay time to finally spill my emotions all over tumblr. Don’t worry, it won’t be happening very often. If you’re a L/P or S/A fan and you can’t take criticism of your preferences, don’t read. Unless you want to discuss. Then go ahead, read the hell out of it. Be outraged.

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Worth a reblog.


Worth a reblog.

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Write Me A Childlike Letter Pretending: A Look Into Sheldon and Penny's relationship, as well as Penny and Leonard's and Amy and Sheldon's 


Whenever I see Leonard and Penny together, I always hear Tokio Hotel’s ‘Automatic’ in my head. Now you may not like them, but hear me out. It’s more the line “There’s no real love in you” that truly sticks out for their “relationship”, if you want to call it that. It seems like everything they do…

This is beautiful. Beautiful writing, speaking the brilliant truth. <3